A Passionate Team Committed to fighting infection

David Vachon, Ph.D. Founder and CEO UroTek Sciences, Spokane WA.

Dr. Chris Porter, Ph.D. (Advisor)

 Dr. Porter has 40 years experience in medical device and biotechnology industries.  Current mentor to early stage start-ups 

Dr. Frank Velazquez, M.D. (Advisor)

Former CEO Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories (PAML), acquired by LabCorp in May 2017 

Dr. David Grainger, PhD. (Advisor)

University of Utah Professor and Chair of Orthopediacs and Chemistry

Mr. Jary Krauser (Advisor)

CEO of StratusG Consulting in Seattle, WA.

Mr. Chris Rivera (Advisor)

EMulate Therapies, CEO, Seattle, Wa.

We are at a critical time in history where infection control is important at every step in the health care process. Hospital-acquired infections are on the rise. Urinary tract infections are the most common type of healthcare-associated infection, accounting for more than 30% of infections reported by acute care hospitals. Current urology devices are not effective against infections. The UroTek Sciences Team is focused on the discovery, development and delivery of next generation devices in urology. We have developed a flexible antimicrobial platform that can be incorporated into an array of polymers. This has led us to the discovery of the next tier in the advancement of antimicrobial urological devices.